• SYSTEMIC PROTEOLITIC and fibrinolytic, Anti–Inflammatory enzymes
  • SUPPORTS damaged body tissues fast regeneration and healing;
  • TARGETS TISSUE DAMAGE locations and help to break down destroyed protein complexes, to reduce swelling /inflammation, to prevent body tissue from further damage.
  • SUPPORTS HEALING PROCESS: Reduce healing time after accidental traumatic injuries, muscle injuries, surgical trauma, sports injuries, muscle cramps, fractures, burns;
  • REDUCE INFLAMATION by reducing redness and swelling associated with chronic conditions, braking down wrongly/ by error acting autoimmune complexes; seems to work in relieving pain and improving knee function, supporting other therapies;
  • HELPS loosen phlegm in sinuses- liquefies mucus secretions and drainage sinuses;
  • ENHANCES combined therapy effect at the site of damage, swelling and irritation.