Helps Support Sinus Health Immune Support All Natural, Fast Acting Herbal Nasal Passage & Immunity Boost Supplement with Verbena & Elder Plus Powerful Serrapeptase Enzymes Formula.

HELPS SUPPORT HEALTHY SINUSES & IMMUNE SYSTEM: Serrapeptase enzyme supplements help support sinus health and a healthy immune system. Serrapeptase may also help support respiratory health. Each capsule contains 40,000 SPU of Serrapeptase providing a powerful dose.


Safe and effective natural product to promote strong nasal passages and sinuses along with overall immune function.

Safe & Effective Without the Side Effects – Just as effective as standard over the counter sinus relief, yet is a non-stimulating, non-drowsy alternative with no side effects.

SINUDRAN Combines Serrapeptase withtraditional herbs (verbena, common sorrel, elder flower and gentain root) providing all natural support for nasal passage and sinus health